Career Engagement Team

Recalling Core Competencies

  • You are unique in your career. No one has DNA like yours. No one has the same combination of past experiences.
  • A competency is a job behavior that excellent performers do but average performers do not do.
  • Believe that you have carried out behaviors that are Core Competencies for you and that will be an important part of your career.
  • The left column on this chart lists the 41 Work Activities.
  • The middle column shows competency statements in general use which might apply to each work activity.
  • In the right column is a question designed to remind you of a time you used one of your competencies. Write a potential competency statement for you in the right column.

Experience with this Work Activity

Example Competent Job Behaviors.

Replace this question with your own competent behavior in a similar setting.


Adapting methods to unique situations.

Do you like to make up your own rules for a game?

Getting Information

Noticing when people seem to be hiding something and drawing them out.

Have you ever studied facial expression to win at poker?


Collecting evidence to support a view.

Do you back up your ideas with examples?


Incorporating recent discoveries into inspections.

Do you tailor what you do or say to acount for recent evidence?


Persistently challenging the status quo.

Do you enjoy being a devil's advocate?


Listening and attending to a person's preferences.

Do you draw out solutions from the person?


Getting buy-in before starting a process.

Do you like to engage before you help a youngster hit a ball?

Communicating Outside

Consistently involving relevant stakeholders.

Do you like to initiate contact with others on the trail?

Communicating Inside

Noticing and clarifing mis-understandings.

Do you initiatie difficult conversations with others?


Insuring that all are included.

Do you see what is needed to complete a project?

Team Building

Updating all when a change occurs.

Do you say what needs to be said in group discussions?


Focusing individualized attention on a person.

Do you initiate relationship building activities with neighbors?

Guiding and Motivating

Seeing others' true motivations.

Do you consider others' views when planning.


Refraining from imposing one's own ideas.

Did you interpret the meaning of a poem in English class?

Controlling Resources

Maintaining positive relationships with resource users.

Being the person in charge of maintaining hiking equipment.


Knowing what else is needed to complete requests.

Administering iventory for a team.

Performing for Public

Adjusting tone, speech rate, and mannerisms to succeed at public speaking.

Would you enjoy being in a dance contest?


Summarizing along the way

Would you consult with a friend to improve your success on a job?


Distinguishing between important and unimportant conflicts.

Do you choose your conflicts wisely?


Experimenting to see what turns on motivation in others during a discussion.

When you are shopping with a friend, do you express an opinion?


Viewing the organization as a dynamic combination of abilities.

When choosing a partner, do you have insigts about special talents?


Identifying obstacles to learning and taking steps to overcome them.

Have you effectively helped a friend discover how to use a search engine?


Continually looking for cause and effect.

When did you make a prediction using cause and effect?

Strategizing and Developing Objectives

Focusing on winning in the period ahead.

When did you use a sequence of objectives to achieve a goal?

Evaluating Compliance

Providing a clear rationale for decisions.

When evaluating your compliance when operating appliances such as food mixer, did you use detailed criteria?


Maintaining personal conviction when faced with resistance.

Was your inner dialogue active when judging a work of art for purchase?

Making Decision, Solving Problems

Remaining calm in the face of pressures and difficulties.

How did you make a decision about your future education?


Developing systems to organize information

What do you do to have a clean desk?

Processing Information

Moving between the big picture and specifics.

What did you do to process costs for a home improvement project effectively?


Using history to determine the best way to schedule.

When scheduling, have you insured people alternate?

Thinking Creatively

Championing efforts to challenge the status quo.

31.What did you do to plan an interesting vacation?

Using/Updating Knowledge

Using multiple learning strategies.

How do you stay current on using video streaming?

Controlling Processes

Improving efficiency of movements with practice.

What did you do to use a learning curve to your advantage?


Elevating important information.

Would you take notes if you were planning to perform an activity more than once?

Laying Out

Asking all important questions upfront.

Have you been helped by drawing a picture of a completed project?

Handling/Moving Objects

Using a variety of motions to avoid injury.

Do you rotate use of muscles when shoveling a pile of dirt?

Interacting with Computers

Experimenting to discover software application possibilities.

Do ideas of how software could streamline things come to your mind?

Operating Vehicles/Machinery

Continually looking in all mirrors.

Is the maintenance cycle for equipment you operate as long as possible?

Doing Physical Activities

Maintaining functional posture.

Do you see your body as a valuable ally to be preserved?

Repairing Electronics

Laying out a logical diagnosis plan.

How do you make installing and maintaining home entertainment equipment easy for you?

Repairing Mechanicals

Never failing to consult the latest technical manual.

How do you make adjusting cables on your bicycle work and go quickly?